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TTP Fitness was founded by Turk Fickling with the vision of creating a place where people from all walks of life could better their lives through fitness. We know just how hard it is to stay active and healthy on top of everything else you have to do in your life. No matter whether your goal is weight loss, muscle gain, competition, injury recovery, or simply being able to move more easily, we’ve got you covered. At TTP Fitness, we can help you reach your goals and live, look, and feel the way you want. We combine one-on-one training, nutrition coaching, group classes, and more to help residents of Beaverton get started and keep moving on their fitness journeys.



With so much conflicting information out there regarding health and fitness, it can be difficult to know who to listen to. That’s where personal training comes in. Our personal trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals by giving you their full attention, and the education and accountability that comes with it. You’ll work with your trainer to devise a custom workout and nutrition plan that will help you achieve your goals without disrupting your life. You’ll also develop a schedule with your trainer that works for you, with options to meet once, twice, or a custom amount every week.


It’s said that weight loss is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition; you simply can’t out-train a bad diet. As we always say at TTP Fitness, abs are made in the kitchen. However, proper nutrition means more than eating a specific number of calories. We’ll help you take the guesswork out of eating, determining the exact macro split to help you look and feel your best without sacrificing flavor. With our nutrition coaching, you’ll get weekly check-ins, photo tracking, unlimited text access with our specialists, dining out guides, grocery lists, and more.


It’s difficult to stay motivated when you know that a trip to the gym means long wait times for squat racks or broken machines. That’s why TTP Fitness offers a limited number of 24/7 gym access passes so you can get your workout in without the crowds. Our gym is full of top-of-the-line cardio and weight equipment so you don’t have to worry about the weight you need being unavailable or the machine you need being out of order.


If your goal is fat loss, TTP fitness will create a plan to help you achieve it. We combine 1-on-1 training, nutrition coaching, and our Lifestyle meal plans to help you on your journey.  We also employ the most cutting-edge technology. Our 3D Body Scanner, Styku, allows us to accurately gauge your body fat percentage, lean mass, and bone density, giving us an accurate picture of your overall health and fitness and allowing us to track how your body changes.


Workout classes and the camaraderie they provide can be an invaluable tool in your fitness journey. Bring along a friend and get your heart rate up at one of our workout classes!


Our Bootcamp classes are limited-size, 60-minute High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) sessions designed to improve your stamina, increase your strength, burn fat, and help keep your body healthy. These sessions are based on “heavy to you” resistance training and involve timed intervals of exercises, workout stations, and “As Many Reps As Possible” (AM-RAP) workouts. These sessions are lead by a trainer who will be able to provide advice, assistance, and motivation whenever you need it.


With our boxing classes, you’ll be able to learn a new skill while also getting a challenging workout! Suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike, you’ll get an exciting workout with a passionate trainer. We’ll make sure you learn proper form and technique while also getting to try out something new. 

The TTP Fitness Lifestyle Meal Plan

Meal prep can be a daunting prospect for many people who worry that it will take up too much of their time, or that to lose weight, they’ll have to give up all their favorite foods in favor of chicken and rice three times a day. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, especially with our TTP Lifestyle Meals. Our meals are made fresh twice a week and can be picked up at our gym or even delivered to your Beaverton residence to help you hit your macros without sacrificing flavor or variety.


Led by Turk Fickling, our team of expert trainers combine their passion for and expertise about fitness with the motivation to help you be the best you can. Each of our trainers’ cares about helping you meet your goals as much as you do and will be there to help you every step of the way.

About Beaverton

Nestled in the scenic Tualatin Valley, Beaverton, Oregon combines the charm of a suburban setting with urban convenience, offering a rich cultural scene, numerous parks, and a reputation as a hub for technology and innovation, with companies like Nike calling it home.

Things to Do in Beaverton

Tualatin Hills Nature Park

Beaverton Farmers Market


FAQ About Beaverton

Beaverton is known for its diverse community, its proximity to Portland, its beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, and its role as the headquarters for major corporations like Nike and Tektronix. It’s also recognized for its strong emphasis on education, with well-regarded schools and a commitment to promoting learning and innovation.

Beaverton offers numerous parks, trails, and natural areas for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking. Tualatin Hills Nature Park is a popular spot for nature enthusiasts.

Beaverton is well-connected by public transportation, including light rail (MAX), buses, and major roadways, making it easy to travel within the city and to neighboring areas.

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