Bootcamp Group Sessions

What exactly is a bootcamp type workout?

Let’s get out what a TTP Bootcamp is not; it’s not cross fit, it’s not cleans, snatches, or deadlifts with Olympic weights. It’s not doing a muscle group or two with sets and reps. It’s about moving. Get your heart rate up and do all that with some resistance. 

So what’s resistance? It could be your own body weight or a kettlebell or a bag of sand or a heavy rope; we promise it’s creative. We mix it up between high pace conditioning and heavy to your workouts to build strength. The format varies by timed intervals, reps, stations, AM-RAP (as many rounds as possible). Some call this style a HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training, Functional Movement Training, and I’ve even seen it called dynamic group training by a local spa club. We limit the size. We limit them to 60 minutes. We promise you’ll sweat, ache, and want to come back for more.

So give it a try on us then sign up for bootcamp!

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