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Owner – Certified Personal Trainer

Turk Fickling has been a certified personal trainer and contest prep coach for over 26 years. He has developed a unique program, TTP (Turks Training Principles), which he has used to coach top regional, national, and pro athletes on dieting and contest prep. Turk has written for shapefit.com and NW Fitness Magazine and has attained certifications in personal training and nutrition through the American College of Sports Medicine. Turk also works with clients in a wide range of other focuses such as gaining lean muscle mass, nutritional planning, losing body fat, contest dieting, general fat loss, rehabilitation from surgery, and introduction to weight training. Overcoming obstacles with his own past surgery and setbacks, Turk knows firsthand the importance of getting past recovery and continuing to be committed to living an active and fit lifestyle. As he says, “You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have.”

In his younger years, Turk’s athleticism (football, wrestling, track, rugby) taught him the importance of resistance training to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle, in addition to enhancing his sports performance. This is where his passion for weight training developed and led him to compete in bodybuilding. As a competitor, Turk won many shows including the North Carolina State, Emerald Cup, Junior Nationals, and the USAs.

Sharing knowledge, educating, and inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle is the true drive and passion of his job. Turk takes pride in knowing his clients on a personal level to help educate and motivate each one, showing them that they each have what it takes to break barriers and reveal a power they never thought they had. Turk’s combination of nutritional education, effective training principles, and his ability to inspire others sets him apart from other trainers in the industry, making the journey of living a healthy and fit lifestyle more motivating and fulfilling to his clients.

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Certified Personal Trainer

My journey began when I was 16 years old. I wanted to change my unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting at 98 lbs, addicted to gaming, and struggling with depression, something had to change. The thought of working out had been on my mind for years at that point, but I thought that I was too small to start lifting weights. I nearly deemed it impossible. So I waited until I turned 17 and started going to the gym with no experience. I was intimidated by everyone because it looked like they knew what they were doing, yet I would sit on a bench and question what I am doing in the first place.

I self-doubted and was uncomfortable, nervous, and scared. Because of that, I wanted to learn how to train. So I took it upon myself to learn what I needed to achieve my goals. Through research, I discovered the work involved to reach my goals – setting up a workout regimen, nutrition plan, and sleeping schedule – was going to change my lifestyle for the better.

The self-determination to learn about training then drove me to find my mentor, Turk Fickling, who has taught me his 26+ years of experience that’s led me to be far ahead. What inspires me as a personal trainer is guiding each client toward their desired goals so no one has to struggle with confusing information as I once did through the internet.

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Nadia Guadarrama

Certified Personal Trainer

Hola! My name is Nadia Guadarrama. I am former collegiate athlete who’s passionate about fitness and it’s benefits. The pursuit to bettering yourself everyday takes a lot of strength. It is my aspiration to help those around me stay inspired and motivated to build the best versions of themselves. As a Fitness Trainer, my mission is to help others achieve elite results. I believe that everyone deserves the right to good health. And of course to feel, look, and move like an elite. Fitness has changed my life and and continues to unfold my potential. The sky is the limit when it comes to your fitness goals, because guess what? You’re not alone. Come celebrate what your body is capable of achieving with me.

“It’s not the fastest or the strongest man that wins, it’s the man who believes he CAN.” Decide to win today.

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Susy Peredo

Certified Personal Trainer

My mission is simple. I want to help you feel better, sexier, and strong as hell. There is nothing of more value to me than helping someone go through an experience that makes them feel happy, confident, and strong. I want to help you discover the benefits and joys of training that helped me become the person I am today. My fitness journey became serious when I realized how my sedentary lifestyle was affecting my physical and mental health. I had no choice but to drop all of my excuses and start over again. The hardest part about it was dedicating myself to start, but when you start seeing and feeling the changes it becomes harder to stop. I am a firm believer that exercise will have a positive impact in every aspect of your life. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, and I am constantly looking for new ways to keep fitness exciting. Let’s be real, if living a healthy and physically active lifestyle was easy, everyone would be doing it. It shouldn’t be all about brown rice, chicken, and broccoli. I believe in creating a balanced lifestyle that is realistic and sustainable. I am dedicated to the work that I do and because of that I am always striving to expand my knowledge in fitness and nutrition. My goal is to continue my education in Exercise Science to improve my skills as a personal trainer.

Favorite Quote: “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion” ~Michael Jordan

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Liam Shaw

Certified Personal Trainer

I have been on my own weight loss journey for the last year and I’ve lost over 100 pounds. Throughout the course of my weight loss I’ve struggled and failed many times. I have a true understanding of how hard it is to lose weight and gain lean mass. My mission as a trainer is to help you build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle around nutrition and exercise so that you can maintain the results you will achieve with me. I aspire to help you become better than you were yesterday, one step at a time. With you, every step of the way.

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Nick Moscato

General Manager – Certified Personal Trainer

Health and wellness have been the foundation of my adult life. As a graduate of Gonzaga University and OHSU, my passions lie in the service of others. To educate, challenge and inspire others to invest in themselves is my mission. Physical fitness has given me so much, it is my goal to influence others to experience its endless benefits. Making the decision to get outside of your comfort zone can be difficult. Thankfully our team of trainers will help you every step of the way. If you trust the process, we will change your life.

TTP Fitness employee smiling .

Bella Chimienti

Certified Personal Trainer

Hi my name is Bella and I am a certified NASM personal trainer. Growing up I was a multi sport athlete and have spent years of my life bettering myself in the fitness world. When I first started going to the gym, all I knew was plyometric work, and SAQ drills that I’ve done throughout various sport practices. Weight lifting was trial and error until I found out what worked to achieve the goals I was trying to hit. Seeing how important moving your body can be for your physical and mental health is one of the biggest benefits to working out. Of course it puts you in great shape aesthetically, but it also gives you that mental clarity and confidence, which in my opinion is just as important. My goal as a trainer is to make you feel good, feel strong, and feel healthy. It’s never an easy thing, self determination and grit is what you have to carry with you through this whole process, but the end goal is worth everything you went through to get there! Everyone has an infinite amount of potential in the fitness world and it’s never too late to start your own journey!

Dillon Pearse

Certified Personal Trainer

I am committed to helping you create a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. I have personally had my own trials and errors during my fitness journey and now I make it my mission to educate, inspire, and apply discipline to those around me. I made the wrong nutrition choices. I have had poor technique in the weight room. There have been many times when I was undisciplined. Even now I have my own struggles, but that’s what makes my own journey what it is today. I have been able to transform my body and now it’s your turn to get in the door and put in the work. I will teach you how to stay disciplined and I will be by your side the entire time.

Fitness is what I live and breath. I was able to graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Community Health Science with a specialization in Kinesiology from the University of Nevada, Reno. During my final year of undergrad, I had the opportunity to complete an internship with the Nevada Football Team. I moved up to Portland and completed another internship with the University of Portland and had gained a ton of experience with many sports including Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Tennis, and Volleyball. I am also a Level 1 Weightlifting Coach issued by USA Weightlifting. Sports Performance is my background, but I have a wide range of specialties that include mobility & flexibility and strength & conditioning. No matter what age you are or what abilities you have, fitness is for you. Let’s get it!

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