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Finding The Perfect Workout Partner

Finding The Perfect Workout Partner   Fitness isn’t just my business. It’s also my passion. But I’m just like you and there are times when I struggle with motivation.   There are mornings when it’s dark outside and I’d rather… Continue reading

Home Gym Essentials For Small Spaces

  When COVID-19 restrictions went into effect again last November, I had to act fast. My gym had been forced to shut down for three months earlier in the year due to the pandemic and now I was staring at… Continue reading

The 15 Best Fitness Apps

The 15 Best Fitness Apps   So much for life slowing down as you get older! I recently turned 50 and am busier than ever between expanding my business and raising my son. Because there’s so much to do every… Continue reading

8 Best Low-Impact Workouts

The Eight Best Low-Impact Workouts When your body tells you to ease up or take a day off, listen to it. I’ve paid the price for not doing this. If you haven’t read the story about my injuries click here… Continue reading