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15 Best Fitness Apps

Although exercise apps can be a great addition to your fitness plan useful, it’s they’re not a full complete substitute for workouts with a personal trainer. We recommend using fitness apps to remain motivated with your workout goals, stay on target with your nutrition, and get in workouts at times when you can’t make it to the gym

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Avoiding Overeating During the Holidays

A cheat meal won’t set you back too much if you’re trying to lose weight, but a cheat week definitely will. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying Christmas dinner, but it’s important to remember that you’re always in control of what you put in your body.

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8 Best Low-Impact Workouts

There are plenty of trainers who will tell you that pain is part of the journey to success. That’s true to some extent. Reaching your fitness goals involves going out of your comfort zone and pushing your limits. There are days it will feel like you can’t do one more push-up or one more minute on the treadmill.

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